On the 20th of January, National Co-ordinator John Ketch (EI2GN), accompanied by Assistant co-ordinator John Ronan (EI7IG) attended the Irish Mountain Rescue Conference. Core to the presentation by the Lakeland Mountain Rescue team, was a discussion on “GPS real-time mapping of search parties”.

The presentation by Dave Binks highlighted their initial experiments with APRS, and then, due to restrictions of their licensing conditions, how they developed, with the support of Team Simoco, a GPS mapping solution targeted towards Mountain Rescue. It was a very informative presentation as was the subsequent chat. Many thanks to SEMRA for extending the invitation for AREN delegates to attend.

AREN Support of the West Cork Rally
On Wednesday the 21st, AREN officers EI7IG, EI2GN, EI9FVB and EI4JN, with assistance from: SWL, James McCarthy, Kristian Wash of WIT and John Harrington of Cork Motor Club, tested a proposed new repeater site for the upcoming rally.

Declan operated the base station on the hill and the others teamed up to travel the stages, shared driving, navigating and radio operating duties.

Weather conditions were less than ideal with strong winds experienced at the summit and dense fog covering the route below. Signal reports were exchanged at pre-described locations along the entire route of the rally. The resulting logs will be studied over the coming week and the Radio Communications Plan submitted to the Clerk of the Course. This year John EI7IG will assist Conor EI4JN in managing the communications equipment for the club on the event which takes place over St Patrick’s weekend.

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