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Report on Motor Rally Comms support

Thursday, March 15th, 2007

John EI7IG and Conor EI4JN both supported Cork Motor Club on last weekends 2 day West Cork Rally.

Work began on Friday with the Setup of 2 VHF voice repeaters, one east and one west of Clonakilty.

78 radios in all were handed out to officials and marshalls. For the two days of competition John, Conor and Conor’s wife Nollaig drove the entire rally route ahead of the competing cars, stopping at each radio point to ensure that all stations were radio-checked successfully.

Any faulty radio equipment or installations found were dealt with. Even when the timing equipment at the start of one Special Stage got blown down and was rendered inoperable, John and Conor were able to use their technical skills and tool kit to get it back into operation.

Cork Motor Club thanked AREN for its support again this year and acknowledged ARENs contribution with a mention in the Official Rally Program.