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EmCom Party On The Air, Training & AREN presentations

Sunday, August 17th, 2008

On Sunday 11 November, four AREN stations participated in the IARU Region 1 Emcomm Party on the air. This was the third simulated emergency test of its kind.

Operators were, Conor EI4JN, Tim EI5GPB, John EI7IG and, Declan Ei9FVB, using call-signs EI0RENE, EI1RENE, EI2RENE and EI3RENE respectively.
Conor operated from a hilltop site at coast location in South West Kerry, Tim from his home station in Baltimore, John from his home in Tramore and Declan from his home in Cork.

Messages we relayed throughout the Region and beyond using all the Centre of activity frequencies, except for 15 metres, which was not open on the day.
A more detailed report will be published in Echo Ireland and on the AREN website.

The AREN Winter NETS will reconvene on the first and third Wednesday of each month for training purposes on 3.690Khz, with an alternative frequency of 7.099kHz at 2130Hrs local beginning 21st November. This is a members only net. Non members may call in with reports at the end of the net when invited to do so by the Net Control Station. Full details will be circulated to members in due course.

The AREN stand at the recent Waterford rally was well received. The Demonstration included APRS and Pactor 3. One of the stations set up for the day was used to call into the IRTS 80m news.
AREN will also be represented at the upcoming Mayo Rally.

AREN supports Charity walk – September 2007

Sunday, August 17th, 2008

AREN members Declan Horan, EI9FVB and Conor O Neill, EI4JN supported a walk in aid of the Irish Heart Foundation on Saturday the 29th of September last. The walk in the McGillicuddy Reeks was led by Conor who radio’d regular reports to Declan through the Cork repeater.

Declan operated from his home QTH in Ballincollig Co. Cork. The walkers encountered thick fog on the ascent which later cleared, giving way to clear skies and spectacular views.

AREN represented at GAREC 2006

Sunday, August 17th, 2008

2006 Global Amateur Radio Emergency Conference.

AREN was represented at the recent GAREC conference held in Tampere Finland by Munster Co-ordinator Conor O Neill. The conference brings together representatives from Amateur Radio Voluntary Emergency communications groups from around the word. GAREC is a great opportunity for national organisations to learn from each others experiences and leverage opportunities for improvement. A report of GAREC 2006 is available here. (NB: pdf document)

AREN support for Circuit Glen of Imaal event

Saturday, August 16th, 2008

Irish Amateur Radio experimenters in Dublin and Wicklow provided radio communications for the Circuit of Imaal walk, which took place on the 21st of June.

The walk, organised by An Ă“ige, covered 37 kilometres.

Radio operators were:

Gerry Butler EI0CH (Ballinabarney)
John Hill EI0DK (floating/reserve)
Tom McGrath EI7HT (Donard School)
Joe Ryan EI7GY (Lug)
Kyle O’Connell EI2JO (Table Track)
Philip Pollock EI8JT (Lobawn)

Radio base station made use of Tom McGrath’s personal callsign for the operation.

AREN has been providing safety communications for the Glen of Imaal walk since 1990. AREN has also been providing safety communications for the Lug Walk, held in uneven numbered years, since 1987. Safety communications enhances the overall safety of the Walk by providing the Walk Control Group with information as to the progress of the Walk and the occurrence of any incidents. It does not replace Mountain Rescue Communications in dealing with an incident, although it may supplement them. The initial organisation of the AREN Net was undertaken by John Hill, EI0DK, and more recently by Gerry Butler, EI0CH.

Beginning in Donard village it traversed the main mountaintops around the Glen of Imaal. This year’s walk took place on Saturday the 21st of June, which turned out to be “the longest rainy day of the year”, in the words of one of the walkers.

With an entry of approximately 100 walkers and the worst weather conditions for many years, there were plenty of challenges for the walk organisers and the Radio Experimenters supporting them. With almost zero visibility, many walkers had difficulties with navigation. Amateur Radio communications proved
invaluable in ensuring that a search was launched for a number of missing walkers, and some of the experimenters providing the communications support were also involved in escorting walkers, who had dropped out of the event, safetly back to base.

A special mention must go to John/EI0DK who went, pardon the pun, extra mile for radio operations on the day.

After ascending to his designated operation position he suffered equipment failure due to extreme weather conditions. John hiked back down to the carpark, got his spare radio equipment, extra clothes, and then hiked back up to his station.

This was much appreciated as, without John, that station would have been unmanned.

Well done to those who helped out both in pre-event preparations and on the day.