Italian Earthquake

23:30 6th April, the situation is reported as follows by Alberto IK1YLO;

“The Dipartimento Protezione Civile is only asking specialist volunteers to attend the disaster area. They are involving only 5.000 volunteers from very specialized teams used in similar emergencies.
Practically all the repeaters and cell phone services are running! This is the reason a lot of communications support has not been called for.
There is no official net on HF. However on 40/80m some hams from the Headquarters of Protezione Civile in Rome and Protezione Civile in L’Aquila are making spot contacts.
Thousands of volunteers from several Regions are on standby and some specialist groups are making their way in convoy to the area.

All this information is coming directly from the biggest association in Italy for this type of emergency called Misericordie (60.000 volunteers)

Of course if these frequencies on 40 and 80 meters used for emergency will be free it is better! Especially the frequency around 7040/7045.”

So to permit co-ordination of the arrival of emergency responders to the disaster amateurs are requested to exercise caution around 3640kHz LSB and 7040/7045kHz LSB and avoid causing QRM to those responding to this emergency.

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