Galtee Walking Club Marathon Challenge

Last Sunday 11 AREN members assisted at the Galtee Walking Club‘s inaugural marathon challenge. Operations commenced at approximately 08:45 where a base of operations (manned by EI7IG and EI2GN) was set up to the left of the ‘start line’ at the entrance to the carpark. This was the first outing for the freshly painted “Mobile Command Post”. Once operational radio checks were completed and EI8FDB headed out with a SEMRA member to follow the walkers on the course. Shortly therafter, EI3FFB, EI2IT and EI3ENB headed out to man the first checkpoint at Moorabbey, at which time EI2JB headed out to begin setting up the second checkpoint. After the walkers completed the half marathon at base and some hardy souls headed off for the second loop. EI8JA and EI9HR accompanied SEMRA to a strategic location on the course, while EI5GPB and EI4GXB followed the walkers on foot as far as EI2JB’s location.

Many thanks to SEMRA and Galtee Walking Club for extending the invitation to participate and their hospitality.

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