Haiti, Final Update

The following update was received from Greg Mossop, IARU Region 1 Emergency Communications Co-Ordinator.

From 1800UTC 22 January the HF frequencies used to respond to the
immediate needs of the Haiti Earthquake, 14.300MHz, 14.265MHz ,
7.045MHz, 7.065MHz, 7.265MHz, 3.720MHz,  3.977MHz will return to normal
use. The groups who have been passing messages on those frequencies will
revert to monitoring mode or their normal operations.

There are still a number of radio amateurs in the country attached to
various relief groups who may still be heard on the amateur bands on a
number of frequencies according to their particular needs to maintain
contact with their home countries.

Please maintain the normal procedures of;

* Listen before transmitting
* If you hear any station passing emergency traffic then leave the
frequency clear and avoid causing QRM.

Thanks to everyone for their assistance during this emergency.

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