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This simple page is a reference for the AREN group to keep track of the admin tools used.

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Documentation management: AREN ‘committee’ Repository

What is a documentation repository?
Subversion is an open source version control system.

Why do we need it?
Because we waste resources e-mailing copies of files around, and consequently it is easy to loose track of which one is the most ‘current’.
A candidate solution is to use a centralised version control system. All of us have remote access to it and all of us can keep current with (and update) the latest versions of all documents.

The correct way to interact with the repository is via a subversion client. Have a look at
Tortise CVS.

Currently under test:

For log-in details for these tools, please contact us.

AREN Online Photos: these are mainly hosted on Bernard’s, EI8FDB, photo hosting, and also John’s, EI7IG, photo hosting. If others have photos, please let us know.

As we use more tools, they will be added here.

Please think about donating to AREN. All members are volunteers, and carry out AREN work out of interest. Any donations will go towards annual bills. Thanks.